District 10

Southeastern Region Umpire Clinics

There are many opportunities to attend Umpire Clinics in the Southeast Region. Clinics are held at the Southeast Region Headquarters 3 times a year as well as clinics that are held in the various 8 states of the Southeast Region. Clinics are conducted by members of the Southeastern Region Volunteer Umpire Staff, which has more than 100 combined years of experience, including officiating at various Regional and World Series Tournaments.

Southeast Region Umpire Clinics

June 2 - 4: Four-Umpire Mechanics Clinic

Begin your tournament season preparation with our annual Four-Umpire Mechanics & Tournament Prep Clinic. This three-day program will include advance classroom instruction along with on-field training. Participants will be able to work with the Southeastern Region Umpire Staff to learn proper four-umpire mechanics, rotations, and responsibilities. Each participant will receive individual plate mechanics instruction time which is recorded with a DVD provided to each student. This clinic will help prepare any umpires for the upcoming tournament season.

October 10 - 15: Umpire School

December 1 - 3: Umpire Instructor Workshop

February 23-25, 2018: Two-Umpire Mechanics Clinic

On the Road with Little League University

These Umpire Clinics provide a comprehensive overview and interpretation of Little League Rules and Regulations as well as instruction of basic umpire mechanics. Additionally, proper umpire mechanics will be covered and visually instructed.

Attendees receive rule books and other available resources.

January 28 - 29: Umpire Mechanics Clinic

  • Hampton, VA - Complete

February 10-11: Umpire Mechanics Clinic

  • Peachtree City, GA - Cancelled

March 4 - 5: Umpire Mechanics Clinic

  • South Carolina - Complete

March 25 - 26: Umpire Mechanics Clinic

  • Beckley, West Virginia - Complete