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Grants from Little League

In 2015, Little League launched the Little League Grant Program. The Grant Program is an exciting and easy opportunity for you to grow your league, and all leagues are encouraged to apply for these beneficial grants that could greatly assist your operations while providing an even more positive experience for your local Little Leaguers and community. In an effort to not just grow your league, but Grow the Game as well, Little League has made various, impactful funds available to leagues in need. Grants can range from several thousand dollars up to $20,000 per grant.

Grants are available for:

  • General League Enhancement
  • Enhancement/development of the Challenger program
  • Enhancement/development of the Softball program
  • And to leagues enrolled in the Little League Urban Initiative

Please click for the Grant Application and other important materials, which include information on how to apply, and what grants your league may be eligible for. In the application, it's important that you detail your Project Description of how the funds will be used, and how those funds would benefit and grow your local Little League program.

Please note, to receive assistance through The Little League Grant Program, leagues must be chartered and in good standing with Little League International.

Little League Grant Application


Grants from FOSER

A Southeastern Region Organization

The Friends of Little League's Southeastern Region (FOSER) is a non-profit corporation incorporated in the State of Georgia and a Section 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization. FOSER has been created by the 86 volunteer District Administrators within the eight states of Little League's Southeastern Region. While an independent organization, FOSER exists to support regional Little League Baseball and Softball activities and especially the work of thousands of volunteers.

Overview of Foser Projects

FOSER exists to support Southeast Regional Little League Baseball and Softball activities and especially the work of the thousands of volunteers who run the local Little Leagues and Districts within the Southeast Region. Our successful 2016 Little League World Series raffle has enabled FOSER to raise funds to begin our mission of supporting projects designed to strengthen community Little League programs through training and education for local volunteers, district support for districts and leagues, and support for the work of the regional headquarters in Warner Robins, GA.

Spring 2017 Cycle

FOSER is now considering financial assistance for projects needed by the Districts and Leagues of the Little League Southeast Region. Applications for this initial cycle will be accepted until March 10, 2017 with project award decisions to be announced by April 1, 2017. The Application Process will explain the request, review and award process.

Types of Supported Projects

FOSER will consider all applications for Project support from recognized 501(c)(3) Little League programs of the Southeast Region.

FOSER will place priority on the following types of projects:

  • Educational and training projects for Little League Volunteers
  • Projects that enhance the growth and development of Little League programs
  • Projects that enhance the growth and development of Little League Districts
  • Seed money for Little League projects that demonstrate education and training of personnel
  • Capital improvement projects
  • Projects that benefit the Southeast Region Headquarters
  • Sudden or emergency needs of a local Little League program

Please note that FOSER cannot provide support to Operating Expenses for any Little League or District. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Chartering fees
  • Insurance fees
  • Payments to umpires or other Operational staff

FOSER Grant Application